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The company is born for thinking about the future, allowing anyone to do business and enjoy a fantastic service that no one has ever offered, without any risk for the customer. The client can buys one or more of the different packages, guaranteed 100% from the company.

This website is administered by Asca Corp S.r.l., a limited liability company with a registered office in Ronda Sant Ramon de Penyafort 40 - Besos Mar - (BCN) - Vat C.F. and N. registered in the Barcelona register Y-5732957-Z. The company is born with a thought for the future, allowing anyone to do business and enjoy an excellent service that no one has ever offered, without any margin of risk for the customer who buy one or more of the different packages available guaranteed by 100% company. The experience of more than ten years of the business manager and his collaborators will ensure that the company, in constant growth, provides guaranteed income in each point of secure investment in which we are working. This section defines the terms and conditions (starting from now the "Terms") that regulate the use of the site by the user. Part A ("General Conditions") applies to all users of the site, while Part B ("Supplementary Conditions") applies only to users who purchase one or more packages. We advise you to read these "Terms" clearly indicated, before using the website as it is prepared and expressly indicated and without reservation of these Terms by using the website. Do not use the website if you do not have the intention to undergo, follow and agree with it. Some provisions contained in the "Terms" may be complemented and / or specified by appropriate notice placed on appropriate pages on the site. These notices must be considered an integral part of these "Terms". We reserve the right to change these "Terms" at any time, therefore, you must periodically visit the section to check if there are any updates or variations. In case of change or change of "Terms", we will inform all users within and no later than 15 days from the change

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