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By using the Future Money Business (“we” or “our”) website (www.futuremoneybusiness.com) (“the Website” or “the Platform”) owned, managed or operated by Asca-corp S.R.L. (“the Company” or “we”) you are agreeing to these Terms of Use (these “Terms”), which we may modify, improve or update from time to time as set forth herein and with any change to the Terms, the company will notify you, no later than 15 days after the approval of the new Terms, through an email.Very important on our site, the customer has the right to refund, as per European regulations, within the first 14 days of the purchase.


Description of Users and Acceptance of Terms

These Terms regulate the use of the Website by users and applies to visitors to the Website, who view only publicly-available content (the “Visitors”) and customers who have signed up to access and use the Services offered through the Platform (the “Customers”).


Part A (“General Conditions”) is applicable to Visitors and Customers, while Part B (“Supplementary Conditions”) is applicable only to Customers who purchase one of the packages present.


You agree that these Terms are the legal agreement between Future Money Business and you, as a user of the Platform, that you have read these Terms, and accept, understand and will be bound by them. Please read the following terms and conditions relating to your use of our Platform and our Services carefully.


Some provisions contained in the Terms may be supplemented and/or specified by appropriate notices placed within particular pages of the Website. These notices are to be considered an integral part of these Terms.


General Conditions

1. ​Definitions

“​Purchase​” means the preliminary contract under which a Customer and the Company give their consent to the subsequent phase of signing a contract and definitive payment of the amount of the package purchased;

Membership” ​means the condition of Member entry by a Customer, after having made at least one package;

Investors” ​means a person who has bought a package and has the possibility to receive new notifications of new package openings via email or telephone;

Commission” ​indicates the commission payable to us by the investor based on art. 15.1;

Registered” means the person who made the purchase and payment of a package;

Registration” or “Register“​ means the purchase of a package;

Carrier” indicates the Company in order to respond to the investor’s questions and send them documentation regarding the whole package purchase process;

Growth rate” means the amount your investment can be projected to change over a period of time.


2. Our service characteristics

The service provided by Future Money Business is surprising, innovative, absolutely effective and is within everyone’s reach. it is transparent. it is based on the purchase a package including a percentage of profit for the Investor of 7% net for three different times a year. No further investments are required after the purchase, there are no commissions of use of any kind, above all, there are no jobs of any kind to be done. A good start that allows an excellent investment for the future, suitable for everyone, that is why the Future Money Business was developed because it is the right and suitable investment for everyone.

We offer a spectacular opportunity for economic growth to all those who choose to buy one or more of the different packages available and limitated and trust the company and the revolutionary system and without any risk, solved and made real by Future Money Business.

The method is sensational because you can earn good amounts of money without any effort, figures, which over time can become noticeable, but above all, you must consider the most important fact, you do not have to “work” or use your time to actualize this fantastic opportunity for safe investment, and we say sure, for the simple fact that, the whole amount that the user has for the purchase of the package is 100% insured and can not be lost or diversified less than the equivalent of the purchase by the Investor; this, because the business money is placed in secure channels that do not have any kind of risk, and in which, there is no way to lose a single penny of the money that is used, therefore it is guaranteed in every way the total return of the amount of purchase, plus the practices and transparent percentages that the company offers (the company reserves the right to keep anonymous said safe channels mentioned above, due to logical market issues).


3. Choosing a Package

Everyone can choose between three different great packages opportunities, which are:

3.1.1 Package “Gold”

  • Cost of 1.000 EUR for the duration of one year;
  • Recognized percentage of the company to the Investor of 7% net every 4 months (always and only calculated on the amount of the value of the package);
  • The package will be complete and will open upon reaching 50 Investors;
  • At the end of 12 month period the package will be closed;
  • Within a period of 7 working days from the closing of the contract, the Investor will receive the total amount of 1.210 EUR in the bank account indicated at the time of purchase;

Overview of the Package “Gold”: 7% of 1.000 EUR invested is 70 EUR and in 3 cycles of 4 months the Growth rate will be 210 EUR;

If desired, the Investor can proceed with the purchase of a new package;


3.1.2. Package “Diamond”

  • Cost of 5.000 EUR for the duration of one year;
  • Percentage recognized by the company to the Investor of 7% net every 4 months (always and only calculated on the amount of the value of the package);
  • The package will be complete and will open upon reaching 10 Investors;
  • At the end of 12 month period the package will be closed;
  • Within 7 business days, you will receive the total amount of 6.050 EUR in the bank account indicated at the time of purchase;

Overview of the Package “Diamond”: 7% of 5.000 EUR invested is 350 EUR and in 3 cycles of 4 months the Growth rate will be 1.050 EUR;

If desired, the Investor can proceed with the purchase of a new package;


3.1.3. Package “FutureLife”

The package “FutureLife”, unlike the other two, has three different time possibilities for investing: 5, 10 or 20 years. It was created and designed for the future, suitable for all people who are thinking about the future or in the future of their children and there is no need to reach a number of Investors, the package will start at the time of purchase;

  • Cost of 5.000 EUR for the three time-possibility;
  • Percentage recognized by the company to the Investor of 7% net every 4 months (always and only calculated on the amount of the value of the package);
  • The package will start at the time of purchase;
  • At the end of the period of 60 months, 120 months or 240 months, the package will be closed;
  • Within 7 business days from the conclusion of the contract, you will receive the total amount for 5 years of 5.250 EUR, for 10 years 10.500 EUR, for 20 years 21.000 EUR in the bank account indicated at the time of purchase;


If desired, the Investor can proceed with the purchase of a new package;


3.2. Understanding the system

You buy the package you want and just wait for the end of the contract, to receive the money invested plus the percentage accrued.

For example, the “FutureLife” package is ideal for anyone, especially for children, because getting older and having a sum aside, it can help with studies, first house, a car, or with any desire. It was created which three different periods to choose: 5, 10 and 20 years. It may seem like a mortgage, however, improved, because the money will not come out of the account besides at the end period of the chosen package, with our infallible system. By purchasing a 5-year “FutureLife” package, you can create a small future capital for your children without any effort, as the amount offered by the company without any risk of loss is 7% each 4 months, always and only calculated on the amount of the purchase (5.000 EUR in this case), since, being the annual contracts, there will be three different payments by the company, at the 4th month – at 8th month – 12th month every year, therefore, at the end of the contract signed, the Investor will receive in the account indicated by him at the time of purchase, the annual fee in a single transaction (350 EUR per 4th month + 350 EUR to the 8th month + 350 EUR to the 12th month and so on), a total of 5.250 EUR in 5 years, a total of 10.500 EUR in 10 years and a total of 21.000 EUR in 20 years;

This system is within everyone’s reach, allows Investors to choose between three different types of packages (“Gold”, “Diamond” and “FutureLife”), which one best suits their needs and expectations since it was created within reach of all and while this system exists, is real and is here.

At the end of the process that can last several years, depends on the package you have chosen, the people who will have invested in this secure and fantastic business offered will have something extra in their pockets and without having to work, just waiting for the time to pass. It is a great way to do business and generate money, this is Futurbusiness.

In one practical example, buying a “Gold” package, and investing a figure that is not absolutely as much as 1.000 euros nowadays, anyone can increase their earnings for a lifetime without any effort, how? Always circulating the same money put in principle for the first package, because it through our secret and functional system, will always yield the same amount every year, for this “Future Money Business” was born, because it is the safe and suitable business for everyone, because, it is the company that thinks about everything and the customer only get the earnings at the end of the period of the package signed because it has invested in the project, sensational.


For maximum transparency:

  • Gold Package: 1.000 euros initial, one-year duration, at the 4th month 1.070 euros, at the 8th month 1.140 euros, at the 12th month 1.210 euros; The net 7% is always calculated on the initial value of the package (i.e. 7% of 1.000 euros are 70 euros) three different times in one year (4th, 8th, 12th month);
  • Diamond package: 5.000 euros initial, one-year duration, 4th month 5.350 euros, 8th month 5.700 euros, 12th month 6.050 euros; The net 7% is always calculated on the initial value of the package (i.e. 7% of 5.000 euros are 350 euros) three different times in one year (4th, 8th, 12th month);
  • FutureLife package: 5.000 euros initial, 3 different choose: 5, 10 or 20 years, after 5th years 10.500 euros total, after 10th years 16.000 euros total, after 20th years 21.500 euros total (i.e. 7% of 5,000 euros are 350 euros x 3 times in one year x 5 – 10 or 20 years);


We allowed sending, free of charge for the Investor, by mail or telephone, advertising messages illustrating the newly available packages, with the prospect of concluding a new agreement and subsequently close a new contract. The Company, its director, employees and collaborators (hereinafter “we”) promote and incentivize and take part in the definition and/or conclusion of the aforementioned agreements and contracts, perform customer research activities on behalf of the company itself and participate actively and directly to the supply and maintenance of the service, as well as to final payments directly in the accounts indicated and of the customers, all the remainder, however, remains exclusively connected to the use of the website itself.


4. Packages Availability

Packages will always be visible on the main purchase page, several packages with a fixed number each month guaranteed (between “Gold” and “Diamond”), or (“FutureLife”), customers can buy the different packages through the website and without any kind of problem.

Subsequently, upon reaching the maximum number of the purchased package (to “Gold” 50 Investors and to “Diamond” 10 Investors), the package will close and in a maximum time of 7 days, it will start its process to generate money. In the “FutureLife” case, the package starts its process immediately at the same time of purchase.

There are three different types of packages available, with different costs always fixed:

– ​Gold package​: cost of 1000 euros, duration of one year;

– ​Diamond package​: cost of 5000 euros, duration of one year;

– ​FutureLife Package​: cost of 5000 euros, duration of 5, 10 or 20 years;

The percentage of 7% net, is always calculated only on the cost of the package purchased in the initial investment and for three times a year (4th, 8th, 12th month), as well as defined in the relative terms on this Website.


5. Use of the website as Visitors and Customers

5.1. It is absolutely forbidden to use the Website for activities contrary to or outside the use of the site itself, as well as outside the European and International laws and the Terms herein;

5.2. The law or other regulations expressly referred to or usable in the use of this Website are of an imperative nature and therefore must be known, respected and applied by you;

5.3. Any information or material published or provided through the Website by users – both at the time of registration and subsequently – must be truthful, accurate, up-to-date, legitimate and not fraudulent. We are not required to verify the contents of this information or material, therefore we decline any responsibility with regard to them;

5.4. It is absolutely forbidden to use the Website to publish information or material that you do not possess the licenses or authorizations required by law, having an obscene, offensive, pornographic, defamatory, vulgar and that may have any criminal, civil or administrative relevance. We will give full support to the competent authorities in order to punish any offenders;

5.5. It remains our complete disregard for all agreements and contracts concluded between Investors outside the Website. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the Investors to inform themselves in advance about specific regulations in order to avoid subsequent sanctions and checks by the competent authorities in case of false declarations or documentation. We expressly declare that we do not take any responsibility for the failure or incorrect fulfillment by you of the specific and specific regulations governing the business sector, either on this page or anything else related to it.


6. Exclusions of responsibility

6.1.1. Our commitment is to include accurate and updated information on the Website, always viewable, and we offer a guarantee and insurance contract to ensure that there are no losses in the money invested in the package purchased; therefore we do not assume any responsibility for any periods that will not accrue interest, as the initial amount deposited will be the same at the end of the package.

6.1.2. The use and the exploration of the contents of the Website are also at your risk; the Website, or any other party involved in the creation, production, and provision of the Website, is responsible for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages deriving from access to the Website.


6.1.4. We assume no responsibility and will not be liable for any damages or viruses that may infect your computer or other property due to access to the Website, its use, its exploration or downloading of materials.

6.1.5. All packages and their prices are published directly on the Website. We are obliged to check the contents of such packages and to notify them in case they change or update from existing and exposed ones.

6.1.6. Despite our commitment to ensuring the availability of the Website 24 on 24 hours, we decline all liability in case of temporary unavailability of the Website at any time.


6.2. Links to other websites

6.2.1. On the Website, there may be hypertext links to websites owned by third parties. Links are provided solely for your convenience and do not represent a solicitation on our part to use or view such websites. These sites are not under our control and we assume no responsibility and we guarantee them in relation to their content. The use of pages that are not part of the Site or other sites is at the risk of the Investor.

6.2.2. We reject any warranty, express or implied, on the accuracy, legality, reliability or validity of the contents of other sites and we reject any liability for losses, injuries, claims, obligations or damages of any nature arising from websites or content third parties to which you have access, directly or indirectly, through the links on this Website.

6.2.3. For the purposes of utility for its users, the Website makes available a tool for calculating the remaining days at the end of a particular purchased package. This tool can only be used to find guidance information. We guarantee the accuracy and accuracy of information obtained through the use of the Website.

6.2.4. The Asca-Corp S.R.L. assumes no responsibility connected to the use of links of other institutions or companies that may be present in the pages of the Site, indexes and/or advertising links of third parties or other companies, exposed only for advertising purposes.


6.3. Other exclusions of responsibility

Within the limits established by the European and International reference laws, we hereby waive any liability for loss of assets not directed by purchases made on the site, or damages caused by third parties to third parties or as a natural consequence, also in relation to the services offered by the site, and the impossibility of its fraudulent use and any material published here.


6.4. Disclaimer

6.4.1. We can not be held responsible for any of the advertising content published on the Website itself or connected to the service offered. We disclaim all responsibility for the improper conduct assumed by the users of the Website.

6.4.2. We disclaim all responsibility for any technical malfunction of the network/telephone line, online computer systems, servers and providers, the Investor’s personal hardware and software, non-delivery of emails or delays in data traffic on the internet or on the website or a combination of them. Also included are any damage or injury to visitors or their computers in connection with their use of the service or as a result of having downloaded material connected to this Website. The visitor/user of the Website is solely and exclusively responsible.

6.4.3. For no reason can we and the Website be held responsible for the loss or damage of data deriving from having used the service or having visited the content of the Website itself.


7. Indemnity and compensation

By accepting these General Conditions, you undertake to indemnify and hold us and the Site harmless from any claim or request, including legal fees, made directly or by third parties and caused or resulting from the violation of these Terms or the violation of any law or right of third parties, the company therefore, exonerates itself to all effects from any responsibility related to problems arising from these factors.


Supplementary Conditions

These terms and conditions must be considered in addition to the General Conditions.


8. Registration

8.1. Registration and purchase phase: We will memorize the Investors’ name and the data necessary for closing the contract and for future transactions as well. During the ordering a purchase contract by a non-authenticated user, the payment will not be finalized if the Investor is not recognized in all information. Furthermore, it is used to store the information entered by the user to complete the registration without losing the information already entered, temporarily stored on our database. Duration: 7 days mainly, 365 days after the day of the start of the packaging process. Check ​used during registration and purchase of a package, to temporarily store the code of the purchased package. Duration: 365 days, in case of purchase of FutureLife package, up to 20 years.

8.2. The registration and purchase of available packages are allowed for all elderly people who wish to conclude legally binding contracts in accordance with European legislation. In the event that it is registered in the name of a legal entity and sends a copy of an appropriate identity document, you declare that you have the authorization to enter into this contract and the company will deny any future implication for false statements by the user.

8.2. The registration on the site is intended exclusively for personal use. The registered user has no right to authorize third parties to use their membership on this site, nor to buy other packages through their account on the site, the packages that once purchased cannot be refunded until the end of the process and the duration of the contract.

8.3. The registration as Investor is allowed to all legal entities of legal age. When registering for the Investors, you are asked to indicate a series of personal information (name, surnames, date of birth, address, tax code, email, telephone number). After the registration the above is required, send us the appropriate documentation (for example valid, double-sided identification card), which shows what was stated during the registration. In addition, the following documents: copy of an identity document of the legal representative of the purchase, a copy of the van with the name of the holder visible in which you want to receive the money at the end of the packaging process. Investors who have provided us with this documentation will be able to conclude the contract and will receive a notification by email as “Verified Client”. It is understood that we do not assume any responsibility for the veracity, accuracy or suitability of this information. In addition, the Investor must promptly notify us of any change in relation to the information provided and is solely responsible for the statements made. The Investor should always verify that the entered data is correct before purchasing a package; the identity of the subject who can physically withdraw money from the indicated account at the end of the transaction and the packaging process, is the same performance Note and that appears in the documents sent at the time of registration and purchase of the package.

8.4. For no reason can we and the Site be responsible for the loss or damage of data derived from having used the service or having visited the content of the Website itself.

8.5. If the Member decides to cancel his membership, he will have to wait until the expiration of the purchased package and will have no cost to do so, he must make a specific request using the contacts on the Site or by email and sending the whole and with these Terms to [email protected]


9. Billing and payments

9.1. Payments to the Investor will be made to the account specified in the contract at the time of purchase, at the end of the selected and purchased package which may be 1 year, 5 years, 10 years or 20 years.

9.2. The company will be able to make the payment of the annual due drawing on the sums available deriving from the closing of the package and which will be sent by bank transfer within a maximum period of 30 days. From the closing of the packaging process.

9.3. We reserve the right, without notice or notice from us, to suspend the subscription, registration and/or purchase of one or more packages of the Investor, if the latter does not fulfill even one of the rules imposed from the site for the correct use of the same, or does not make payments due in the correct timing or should use billing data or anything else outside the European regulations.

9.4. The Stripe service payment system is used, used directly on the site for payments by credit/debit card. It is not possible to buy one of the packages offered by direct bank transfer. The company will accept, confirm and allocate the money to the purchased package, only after receiving all the required documentation: the purchase contract of the package completed in each field in a correct and legible way, the front and back copy of an identity document valid, the IBAN and the name of the account where the money is to be transferred at the end of the transaction and the closing of the contract;

9.5. Upon the explicit request of an Investor, the contract is sent by the company, so that anyone with the requisites (seniority) can take part in this fantastic process lasting a minimum of one year.


10. Privacy

Your personal information will be processed in accordance with Gdpr (General data protection regulation) and EU Regulation 2016/679, which complies with the website. For any clarification, explanation, and information, you will be asked to avenge the privacy policy (Privacy and policies link page).


11. Our role

11.1. We carry out an activity related to assured and guaranteed business services, territorially and in different states with different legislation, using a method of perfect carat and efficiency, which regulates a net income to the guaranteed company, which can be higher than 7% and never lower than it, because 7% is the percentage that the company offers and bestows to all the Investors in the same reception times that the latter holds from its private contracts.

11.2. Our role is to be able to offer as many packages as possible to as many people as possible so that everyone can take advantage of this legal and remunerative activity at the forefront of the world market. Our responsibility is important with regard to the definition and conclusion of the aforementioned contracts, we intervene directly and verify whether or not it is possible to open more secure positions, as, by way of example and not exhaustive, (i) the truthfulness, legality, accuracy and any other aspect regarding the contents of the packages and the service offered, are 100% assured on the amount paid, this means that there is no way to lose a single penny of the money invested in the purchase of packages by a user and the company at the end of the contract will return up to the last penny of the value of the package purchased by the Investor, plus the gains accrued

11.3. The Agreements concluded through the Website between the Investors and the Asca-corp company, constitute and form a real contract that will be sent by the company and which will be filled in and re-sent signed by the Investor to the email [email protected] as soon as possible , to confirm the registration and purchase of the package, as well as, enter the Investor in the numerical ranking of the package, assigning the code of that package purchased, as the number of people who can buy a package is limited and number closed in the cases of “Gold” or “Diamond” package.

11.4. We take part in the conclusion of subsequent contracts and are able to exercise control over their actual conclusion, content, quality, safety, quantity, price or other aspects of these contracts. It is always the responsibility of the Investor to read and inquire about the respective terms and conditions, while it is the responsibility of the Investor to update the terms signed in the contracts – based on mutual needs and to what is required by law – the actual feasibility, form, object, fulfillment procedures and any other legal and legal aspects.


12. Use of the site as Customers who purchase one of the packages

12.1. When there are packages available, the Investors can buy on the Website an indefinite number of packages, there is no limit of purchase or maximum number, as the percentage offered does not change, and is always 7% for each package and is calculated every 4 months, always and only on the value of the purchased package.

12.2. Investors can view the packages available, directly from the main page of the site. We guarantee to the Investors the receipt and the creation of a minimum number of five (5) packages for each month, one for type between the “Gold” package of 1.000 EUR with a maximum number of 50 people, the “Diamond” 5.000 EUR for a maximum of 10 people, and finally, the “FutureLife” package worth 5.000 EUR, too, but different, because the

“FutureLife” package is personal and begins at the time of purchase to produce revenue, also has the possibility of a different trading period (5, 10 or 20 years).

12.3. The company will be able to cancel and refund a package before its effective closure and at any time until it has been accepted by all the necessary Investors and has reached the maximum number of members. A contract is considered accepted and concluded when the Investor makes the payment of the total amount of the package and the sending of the necessary documentation for the conclusion of the contract (the Investor) receives a confirmation email with the package code purchased and the closing date of the same.

12.4. The proposal for an agreement by the company Asca-Corp S.R.L. and the subsequent acceptance by the Investor determine, in fact, the conclusion of a Contract, following point 12.3.

12.5. Both the company and the Investor have the right to withdraw from a contract at any time, no later than 14 days after the purchase, otherwise, the validity of such reimbursement decision will take into account the conclusion of the packaging process. There is no expense to be paid by the Investor for the closure of its position and the deletion of its data from the company database, only the bank charges for the refund of the amount of purchase will be charged to the Investor and not the company.

12.6. If Investor and Carrier come to the termination of the contract, it will be valid and confirmed only by a written request sent by mail and which regulates the end of the relations between the parties with no claims.

12.7 The company reserves the right to pay the total amounts due and signed in the purchase contracts of the various packages purchased, even and not necessarily, before the expiry of the contract in force, in order to conclude the contract at any time with the Investor and grant the latter the possibility to purchase a new package;


13. Rules for Investors

13.1. The Investor who accepts and signs a contract is required to pay, via the Website, the total amount of his purchase. For our part, we will proceed to collect the amount and place it in the package that was purchased, sending confirmation by email and after the start of the process, a confirmation email with the useful dates for the start and end of the package.

13.2. The money paid through the Site is available to the company as they are used in the investment package and in various secure channels in other states that have different rates of interest and taxes.

Any request for reimbursement by an Investor must be submitted by e-mail, no later than 14 days from the purchase, and moreover, compulsory before a package reaches the maximum limit of subscribers, or has already closed and is already started its process, and afterwards, after being evaluated, if in the timing and parameters of the regulation, the reimbursement requests will be accepted and met directly by the company;

13.3. In the case of reimbursement, only the bank costs for the transaction in favor of the reimbursement will be deducted from the Investor;


14. Other rules for Investors

14.1. Upon registration, the Investors confer power of attorney to the company Asca-Corp S.R.L. to collect the amounts sent via the site, which will flow into the designated package and shown on the website page. The sums present will be available to the company to carry out the inversion and activate the maturing process of the deposited money; It will, therefore, be the right and responsibility of the Investor to pre-arrange the closure of the package for any refund requests for such sums paid and it will always be the responsibility of the Investor to define and specify the refunds.

14.2. Contracts sent on the Site may only concern the purchase of packages offered by the site itself. The Investors are not allowed to exploit the site in a different way or with the purchase of products or services other than those present, the company Asca-Corp Srl has the exclusive on this site, on this type of packages and on the type of product offered, that is not imitable or reproducible by third parties, without the written consent or acceptance of the company.

14.3. The contracts sent by the company contain all costs present and charged to the Investor net. The Investor undertakes to complete, sign and accept all the documentation required by the company, according to the regulations in force concerning the protection of personal data and to be able to finalize the position in the package purchased.

14.4. The Carrier is responsible for any tax compliance related to the relationship with the state in which it operates, including, by way of example but not limited to, the collection and payment of any income obtained from the 7% percentage for the current tax.

14.5 The company declines all responsibility for the non-declaration by the Investor, who, according to the laws of the State in which he is and resides, will declare his revenue for the year to pay the corresponding taxes required by law and the State in which he is a resident.


15. Commissions

15.1. Use of the site is completely free for the Investors. On the part of the company there is a commission, which is not taken directly to the Investor, but is applicable only at the end of the process and only when the customer has regularly accrued its annual percentage of 7% net on the initially deposited amount, or the value of the package, all this, as the company does not earn on its customers, but with its customers.

15.2. The commission is calculated based on the total percentage of the amount earned, always more than 7% that is guaranteed to the Investor, therefore, remains to the company for the service and management fees as well as maintenance of the site, all the money accrued in more than 7% for the Investor, the company has not charged any costs to the Investors, moreover, for the finalization of the contract, there will be no additional incidental costs, but the Investor will only be charged the cost of the bank transfer.

15.3. The company Asca-Corp S.R.L. reserves the right to suspend the application of the commission at any time, even against single Investors.

15.4. The application of the final commission will not be applied in the Future Money Business Site, generally, it is deducted independently to the Investor at the conclusion of a contract.

15.5. In case of acceptance of a reimbursement request, if will stay, the costs of banking and/or bank a transfer will be charged to the Investor.

15.6. We reserve the right to conclude the existing contract at any time, even before the natural deadline. In this case, the company will pay the entire amount due to the customer no later than 14 working days and on the account indicated by the client at the time of his purchase.


16. Feedback

16.1. The Website makes available an evaluation mechanism (feedback) through which the Investor assigns a judgment to the service offered, when and if desired.

16.2. The evaluation judgment (feedback) is substantiated indicating the degree of satisfaction perceived by choosing one of the following options: thumb on “positive” or thumb down “negative”, and publishing a brief comment on the quality of the service rendered by the Asca- Corp S.R.L. The company may publish a counter-feedback.

16.3. We will not intervene to censor the feedback if relevant and not offensive or reporting information inappropriate to the use of the site. It is of course understood that the use of improper, defamatory, offensive expressions not relevant to the service received and any abusive use of the evaluation mechanism (feedback) may lead to the cancellation of the Adhesion and the registration to the site, the removal of illegal contents and contrary to the European rules and this Site, in addition to reporting to the competent authorities. The assessment regarding the lawfulness of the contents of the feedback for the purposes of this article is up to the Management, on a discretionary basis, after obtaining appropriate information, documents and/or statements from the parties involved.


17. Settlement of disputes

17.1. The Investors can open a dispute, in relation to a purchased package, through [email protected]. Opening a dispute means to inform the site operator that you are not respecting one or more clauses contained in these Terms including, for example:

– Article 12.5 – right of withdrawal from the contract by the Investor, upon expiry of the current contract signed for the purchase of the package, as well as the right of the Investor to obtain reimbursement of his purchase paid through the Site in case of withdrawal from contract, always and only at the expiration of the contract if the trial has already begun, or within 14 days of the purchase;

Article 16.3 – abuse of the evaluation mechanism (feedback), for example through the publication on the Website of defamatory, offensive feedback, not relevant to the service received or not truthful.


17.2. In case of opening of a dispute by the Investor:

a) The Investor is required to indicate in detail the reasons underlying the opening of the dispute;

b) The company receives an email alert containing the reasons for the dispute indicated by the Investor and draws up a solution;

c) Any feedback published on the Website, are temporarily suspended, pending the judgment of merit by the site operators;

d) The Investor is required to provide the Site managers with testimonies, documents or other information useful for assessing the incident and to express an opinion on the dispute. All information must be received within 3 working days from the moment they are requested by the site operators;

e) The operators of the Site issue an impartial judgment on the dispute, in favor of the Investor or not, within 3 working days from the collection of the information indicated in point

f). The judgment issued may include, inter alia:

– The obligation for the Asca-corp company to reimburse the invested amount of the Investor for the reservation of the package and paid via the Website by the Investor;

– The obligation for the Investor and/or the company to modify or eliminate the feedback given to the other party as it is considered contrary to these Terms; in the event of default, the Investor accepts that the Site makes such changes/deletions on its behalf.


17.3 The opening of a dispute can not concern events outside of these Terms such as, for example, any failure by the Investor or the company to respect the agreements made directly between the parties and reported in the contract. In these cases, in fact, the operators of the Site would not have sufficient mere elements to express a judgment of merit on acts or events that took place in private offices.

17.4 In case of problems with the contract signed or of any other nature, the Investor can open the dispute within and no later than the last 30 days before the expiration date of the contract and the closing of the package.In the event of disputes opened outside the established deadlines, the manager of the Futurbusiness site will be able to decide whether to proceed with the handling of the dispute or not without any prior notice.


18. Denial, suspension, and cancellation of registrations

18.1. We expressly communicate that in case of detection of fraudulent activity in the use of the contents of this Site, we reserve the right to suspend – refuse – cancel the registration / adhesion to the Website of the Investor who undertakes these actions, sanctioning the offense as punishable by law and delegating all preliminary and ancillary costs to the Investor who has not observed the correct use of the site.

18.2. The company will not be obliged, and there will be maximum autonomy in this sense, to communicate the reason for which the Registration/Membership has been suspended-canceled-refused, in cases of use of the site found to be swollen.

18.3. In case of refusal, suspension or cancellation of the registration/adhesion to the package for non-compliance with the site’s Regulation or fraudulent use of it, the user will no longer be able to purchase new packages through the site and receive the money he has paid up to that moment, at the expiry of the existing contract, the user can write to request information in detail of the procedure adopted against him ([email protected]). At our discretion, we will evaluate the user’s communication and consequently, we will provide an express reply or motivation in this sense, without being in any way obliged in the action performed. The sending of the communication by the user does not bind us in any way and we will be free to respond or not to the reason for denial;


19. Applicable law and jurisdiction

19.1. The services provided by this Site or through it are governed by International and European laws.

19.2. The competent court for consumers (private users) is that established by Legislative Decree. 2005, that is the mandatory territorial jurisdiction of the judge of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer.

19.3. The jurisdiction for legal entities is the European Forum.

19.4 For all countries outside the European Union, the laws in their National Territory will be referred to and applied, in addition to the European ones described and reported by the Site.

20. Contacts

To obtain information about the Company, the Site and the services provided by it, contact us at [email protected]


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